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Cultivo de flores e plantas ornamentais

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publicado em: 31/05/2010 20:24

Minas Gerais é um dos maiores produtores de flores do Brasil. O Estado tem clima e solo que facilitam o cultivo. O Agrotube disponibiliza a reportagem produzida pela Agência Minas, mostrando que uma das medidas mais importantes foi a criação da Câmara da Floricultura. O grupo reúne toda a cadeia produtiva.

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Sam. I wanted to tell you how much I eneyjod your book For Fukui's Sake . I lived in Yokosuka for 2 different tours to Japan. My hubby was in the Navy. I had 2 small girls so didn't get to travel as much as I wanted but did go and see a few things. I could see in my mind how Fukui was like then saw your favorite picture from there and it was just like I thought it would be . I really miss not being there now and it has been 20 years since we left. You have many great memories and brought up many of mine while I read the book. Now thoes black rubber centipedes was not one of my favorite subjects. Had one crawl across my neck one night sleeping at home. still shutter. LOL Thank you so very much for writing about my favorite subject. I even shed a couple of tears when I got to the end. Again; thank you, thank you, thank you for writing such a good book. I did go and give a review for the kindle version. I only read books 1 time as there are too many in this world to read but this one will be with me forever and when I want to go back to Japan I will reread it, Over and Over again.

nNaqbotNeg em: 26/02/2013 13:48



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